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Hempseeds certified organic in 25-kg-sacks - Vegan Zum Produk

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ingredients: food hemp seeds (from controlled organic cultivation)/VEGAN

Food hemp convinces through its high-quality contents as part of a wholesome diet. It provides all necessary amino acids and its oil content consists of up to 80% of unsaturated fatty acids. It also contains the valuable gamma linolenic acid. The ratio of the various fatty acids is favourable to the human body. Food hemp also contains valuable minerals, vitamins and roughage for an improved digestion. With its essential contents, it supports a healthy metabolism of all cells and strengthens the immune system. A daily intake of 30-40g is sufficent. Hemp seeds can be used in cooking, baking and are perfect for sprouting.

Food hemp seeds do not have a narcotic effect! These hemp seeds may not be used for sowing.

Graines de chanvre - 25 kg sac Zum Produkt
Ingrédients: graines de chanvre (issues d'une agriculture biologique contrôlée)/VEGAN

Le chanvre alimentaire convainc par ses grandes qualités dans le cadre d'une alimentation complète. Il apporte tous les acides aminés nécessaires et son huile est constituée à 80% d'acides gras insaturés. Elle renferme également le précieux acide gamma linolénique. Le ratio des divers acides gras est bénéfique pour le corps. Le chanvre alimentaire contient également de précieux minéraux, des vitamines et des fibres pour une meilleure digestion. Grâce à sa richesse en éléments essentiels il aide à conserver le bon métabolisme des cellules et renforce le système immunitaire. Consommer 30 à 40g suffit. Les graines de chanvre peuvent s'utiliser pour la cuisine et la pâtisserie.

Les graines de chanvre alimentaire ne produisent pas d'effet psychotrope! Ces graines de chanvre ne doivent pas être utilisées comme semences.contenance: ~KG|25

Original ecológico Canamones - 25 kg saco Zum Produkt
Receta: Masa de Cánamo para Pizza

350g harina de trigo, 100g cánamones, 40g levadura, 250ml agua, 2 cucharadas aceite de cánamo, 1/2 cucharadita del sal

Picar los cánamones juntar todos los ingredientes hasta hacer una masa, estirar y agregar relleno a gusto. Cocinar al horno a 220 grado celsius durante 25-30 minutos.contenido: ~KG|25

Hennep Zaden - 25 kg zac Zum Produkt
Recept: Pizzadeeg met Hennep

350g tarwebloem, 100g hennepzaden, 40g gist, 250ml water, 2 souplepels hennepolie, 1/2 koffielepel of zout

Maal de hennepzaden, alle ingredienten kneden om een deeg to bekomen, uitrollen meet een deegrol en garneren. Bakken gedurende 25-30 min. op 220 graad Celsius.poids: ~KG|25

Semi di canapa sativa alimentare - 20 kg sacchetto Zum Produk
I semi di canapa sativa alimentare sono un alimento di qualità per un'alimentazione completa. Forniscono tutti gli aminoacidi essenziali e contengono fino al 90% di acidi grassi polinsaturi, tra cui anche il pregiato acido Gamma Linolenico. Gli acidi grassi polinsaturi sono in un rapporto ottimale per l'alimentazione. La canapa alimentare rende disponibili all'organismo anche preziosi minerali, vitamine e fibre. Protegge con i suoi nutrimenti essenziali il ricambio naturale delle cellule, e rafforza il sistema immunitario. Per coprire il fabbisogono giornaliero di questi preziosi elementi nutrizionali sono sufficienti 30-40 grammi di semi. I semi di canapa alimentare sono adatti ad essere utilizzati in varie forme, in prodotti da forno come aggiunta alle pietanze, o come germogli. I semi di canapa alimentare non hanno effetto stupefacente! Non possono essere utilizzati da semina.contenuto: ~KG|25

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 Question from : A.
I would like to know how to use the seeds. Do I have to put them in water for some time, or can I just use them as they are, or do I always have to make them in small pieces? Thank you!
Answer from:
you can eat them as they are. You also can cook them or roast them in a dry pan, or use it as a bakery ingredient. As well ground in a mill. There are a lot of possible uses.
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 Question from : z.
What variety of hemp are your seeds and other products made of, fin-314? Thanks
Answer from:
we use fellina,uso or fedora
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