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Ingredientes: hempseeds shelled (from certified organic cultivation) VEGAN

Hemp seeds shelled are produced from legally authorized food hemp varieties. They are rich in highly nutritious protein (edestin) which contains all essential amino acids in a virtually correct composition for the human diet. This renders hemp seeds a perfect supplier for human protein synthesis, especially immunoglobulins that are important for the human body's defences. Hemp oil (about 30% of the hemp seeds) comprises at least 75% essential poly-unsaturated fatty acids such as
linoleic and linolenic acid in a well balanced ratio for human metabolism, and in addition, up to 2% gamma-linolenic acid which improves both human lipid and hormone metabolism. Also, hemp seeds provide antioxidants such as vitamin E to prevent cancer and lecithin as "brain food" as well as all major minerals for the body.

Hemp seeds shelled. A delight with a pleasant nutty flavour. May be added to a great variety of dishes no matter if cooked or baked or just as a tasty decoration or for healthy nibble fun. When roasted, hemp seeds develop an even more intense nutty flavour that adds a delicious touch to many dishes. Shelled hemp seeds are both a highly nutritious and a very tasty enrichment for a healthy human diet.

graines du chanvre décortiquées - 15 kg sac
Ingrédients: graines de chanvre décortiquées (de culture biologique contrôlée) VEGAN

Les graines de chanvre décortiquées sont riches en acides gras, en protéines et contiennent les 9 acides aminés essentiels. Ces éléments nutritifs ne peuvent pas être produits par le corps humain et doivent être présents dans notre alimentation. Environ 75% des acides gras présents dans l'huile de chanvre représentent un ratio équilibré des deux acides gras essentiels, y compris l'acide alpha linolénique omega-3, particulièrement rare et elle les transment sous une forme qui se digère facilement. Les graines de chanvre sont aussi une source importante de protéines végétales. Enfin, les graines de chanvre contiennent d'autres éléments nutritifs essentiels comme la vitamine E, un anti-oxydant, des minéraux et de la lécithine.

Les graines de chanvre décortiquées ont un goût de noisette et peuvent être ajoutées dans tous les aliments. Elles s'utilisent pour la cuisson, en décoration ou se consomment simplement nature.

Les graines de chanvre décortiquées quand elles sont grillées, développent un fort goût de noisette qui apportera un touche spéciale aux plats. Les graines de chanvre décortiquées sont non seulement de très bonne qualité, grâce à leur composition, mais elles apportent aussi un goût riche à la cuisine.

contenance: ~KG|15

Semillas de cánamo peladas - 15 kg saco
Ingredientes: Semillas de cánamo peladas (de cultivo ecológico certificado).

La semillas de cánamo peladas son una fuente de grasas esenciales, proteínas y contiene todos los 9 aminoácidos esenciales. Estos valores nutritivos vitales no pueden ser fabricados por el cuerpo humano y es importante que estén presentes en nuestra dieta. Aproximadamente un 75% de los ácidos grasos del aceite de cánamo consiste en una cantidad equilibrada de los 2 aceites grasos esenciales, incluyendo los ácidos omega-3 y alfalinolénico, que son los más difíciles de encontrar. Esto hace que las semillas de cánamo sean una fuente valiosa de proteína vegetal. También contienen otros nutrientes esencial como el antioxidante Vitamina E, minerales y lecitina.

La semillas de cánamo peladas se pueden anadir en cualquier comida al gusto, cocidas, o tal cual para decorar. Las semillas un proco tostadas tienen un sabor más fuerte que da un toque especial a las comidas.

contenido: ~KG|15

Semi di canapa sativa decorticati 15 kg sacchetto
Ingredienti: semi di canapa sativa decorticati, da agricoltura biologica

I semi di canapa sativa decorticati sono selezionati da speciali sementi autorizzati di canapa sativa alimentare. Sono ricchi di pregiate proteine, e contengono tutti gli 8 aminoacidi essenziali nella giusta ed equilibrata proporzione necessaria all'alimentazione umana. I semi di canapa sono un toccasana per il ricambio delle proteine nel corpo umano e contribuiscono a rinforzare il sistema immunitario. L'olio di canapa (circa il 30%) nei semi di canapa contiene circa il 75% di acidi grassi polinsaturi essenziali, come gli acidi linoleico e linolenico, nella giusta proporzione per favorire il ricambio cellulare, ed inoltre dal 2 al 4% di gamma linolenico, che contribuisce al mantenimento del sistema ormonale ed al ricambio dei lipidi. I semi di canapa sono ricchi di antiossidanti naturali, come la preziosa vit. E, che viene apprezzata per le virtù preventive malattie degenerative, e per il potenziale antiossidante, ed inoltre sono ricchi di lecitina, il "cibo per il cervello!" e di importanti sali minerali.

I semi di canapa decorticati hanno un delicato sapore di noci. Possono essere aggiunti su qualsiasi piatto e sono adatti ad essere utilizzati per cucinare, in prodotti da forno, come decorazione di piatti speciali, o anche come golosità da sgranocchiare. Tostati hanno un gusto più accentuato, nocciolato, che dà ai vostri cici un gusto particolarmente piacevole.

contenuto: ~KG|15

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 Question from : B.
I am really interested in buying hemp seeds and maybe products from you,but I could not find their prices. May you send a price list about raw materials? What about the deliver costs, if my business in Hungary(Europe) Thank you for your fast reply!
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This internet-site is just for retailer. If you are a retailer, register yourself in this shop and send us your business permission or anything similar and your valid VAT-Number. Then we activate your account and you also can see the prices and order.
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hello, I am very interested to buy the hulled hemp seeds for my nutritional products line. I am based in France now. Could you send me the prices of your products, costs and shipping? Thank you, emilie.
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Please let me know more about your business, perhaps a copy of your business permission and your whole adress, then I can send you a comprehensive catalogue or activate your account here.
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Can we purchase shelled hemp seeds in smaller packages - like 3 or 5 kilos
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Can we purchase shelled hemp seeds in smaller packages - like 3 or 5 kilos?
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