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Food Hemp Flour - Vegan Zum Produkt

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/VEGAN Flour from the food hemp seed is perfectly suitable for baking and cooking, as it pleasantly enhances foods with its nutty flavour. It also acts as valuable provider of protein and minerals. In food preparations, replace 10-15% of conventional flour with hemp flour and proceed as usual. Also a tasty and healthy alternative for binding soups and sauces.

Farine de chanvre Zum Produkt
/VEGAN La farine obtenu à partir des graines de chanvre convient parfaitement pour la pâtisserie et la cuisine, tout en apportant un agréable goût de noisette. C'est également une bonne source de protéines et de minéraux. La farine de chanvre ne contient pas de gluten.

Dans les préparations, remplacer 10 à 15% de farine standard par la farine de chanvre et procéder comme d'habitude. C'est aussi une alternative saine et savoureuse pour èpaissir les soupes et les sauces. contenance: 500g

Original ecológico Harina de cánamo Zum Produkt
Receta: Rollos de pan de cánamo

650g harina de trigo, 150g harina de cánamo, 40g levadura, 650ml agua, 20g sal (1 cucharadita)

Amasar todos los ingredientes hasta lograr una masa suave, dejándola reposar 15 minutos. Cortar en piezas de aprox. 65g y darles la forma que se desee, poniéndoles cánamones para aumentar el sabor. Dejarlos reposar hasta que tengan el doble de su tamano. Hornear en horno pre-calentado a 230 grado celsius durante 14-16 minutos.contenido: 500g

Hennep Bloem Zum Produkt
Recept: Hennepbroodjes

650g tarwebloem, 350g hennepbloem, 40g gist, 650ml water, 20g zout

Alle ingredienten kneden om een gladde deeg te bekomen. Laten gisten gedurende 15 minuten. Balletjes vormen van ongeveer 65g en bestrooien met hennepzaden. Laten gisten tot het volume verdubbelt. Bakken gedurende 14-16 minuten op 230 graad celsius.poids: 500g

Farina di canapa sativa Zum Produkt
La farina di canapa deriva da sementi di canapa alimentare ed è indicata per dolci e prodotti da forno in generale, oltre che per gli altri usi classici della farina. Dà ai cibi un gusto piacevole, nocciolato ed è un ottimo apporto proteico e minerale. Non contiene glutine. Si sostituisca il 10-15% della farina di cereali con la farina di canapa sativa nelle preparazioni abituali. Anche per la preparazione di salse e sughi si dimostra essere una sana e leccorniosa alternativa.
Tenere in luogo fresco ed asciutto.contenuto: 500g

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 Question from : F.
I´d like to taste your wonderful flour but I´m affected by celiac disease. I was wondering if your products are suitable also for celiacs. Thanks in advance for your help best regards
Answer from:
The hemp flour don´t contain gluten. Some of our other products contain gluten, there you have to check all ingredients.
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 Question from : P.
Hello, Because I don´t live in Germany, I want to order as much as possible within one order to reduce transport costs. Can you tell me the average shelf life of this product? Thanks in advance!
Answer from:
Approx. 12 months.
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 Question from : P.
Hello, What are the values of the energie componds (total energy in kJ and kcal, protein, carbohydrate and fat) of hemp flour? Thanks in advance!
Answer from:
Values per 100g: energy 284 Kcal - 1189 KJ protein 31,9g carbohydrate 20,0g fat 8,1g
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