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 Question from : c.
Do you guys ship your products to the united states?
Answer from:
Yes. But please note the import regulations of the US for hemp food
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 Question from : t.
Do you guys ship your products to the united states?
Answer from:
Yes we do. But you have to inform yourself about the import regulations for your country. We cannot guarantee, that all our products are able to import without problems to your country
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 Question from : R.
Answer from:
This shop is just for retailer. For endconsumer we have our shop:, but just in german language.
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 Question from : V.
Dear Sir, On the 6th October I had filled up your registration form and informed of my Company VAT number. Could you please advise when i may expect to get the wholesale registration ? Kind regards. VAG Shipping&Trading GmbH
Answer from:
Please let me have your business permission/registration or introduce youself and the intention and target of your company. After checking we will activate your account immediatly.
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 Question from : M.
Good afternoon, Yesterday I apllied for a wholesale account. I wrote my VAT number but I don´t have a fax to sent it to you as well. Can you tell me what to do to get my wholesale account?
Answer from:
Hello, I have checked your VAT-Number, it´s ok. Your account now is registrated.
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 Question from : B.
Is it not possible to sign in and buy the products if you´re just a private person? Do you have to be attached to a company? Are there any stores in Denmark or southern Sweden that sell Hanf&Natur-products, or is it only possible to get them online??
Answer from:
Hello, in this, our english webshop, indeed it is just possible to order for companys. If you want, you can check our german online-shop In a lot of european countrys we have distributers. Please contact our partner in Malmoe: Morot & Annat, Ulf Hansson, Drottningtorget 2a, S-211 25 Malmoe. Maybe he can tell you some shop in south Sweden. In Denmark unfortunately we haven´t a distributer at time.
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 Comments   -   [write]
Emanuela Notari schrieb:
Hi, I´ve tried several time to subscribe to your site through the form but with no result. We are an Agriturismo in Umbria, Italy, our VAT number is 02725330548. Is it possible to order your Hemp Oil? Thanks, Emanuela
cuckoozen schrieb:
hello Mr.buck. PLease check your email box, i have written few letters for you. I know you must be busy with new construction but please i need some information as soon as possible. thanks cuckoo
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